Black and White Lightroom Presets free download

15 Black and White Lightroom Presets Mobile & Desktop Free

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Create stunning photo edits with The Black and White Lightroom Presets Collection. This comprehensive collection of stunning, ultra-versatile presets will help you achieve a new level of black and white photo editing by enhancing all the beautiful lights and darks with just a click!

Our Black & White Lightroom Presets look great with a wide variety of images. Perfect for everyday photos, lifestyle photography, travel photography, photos around the house, family and friends, your fur babies, selfies, blogger images, product photography, flat lays, landscapes, architecture, cityscapes, outdoor, editorial, fashion, and so much more!

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Our Black & White Lightroom Presets are easy to use and install for beginners and come with step-by-step tutorials to guide you every step of the way. The collection includes both desktop and mobile files so you can easily edit at home on your computer or the go with your phone/tablet device. These presets will be handy wherever you go!

✔ 15 Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop. Our presets are compatible with ALL versions of Lightroom on iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC Windows. Give your mobile photography a nice visual boost with our Lightroom presets and showcase them to gain more social media followers on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest! You will receive mobile DNG files, desktop XMP, and LRTEMPLATE files!

✔ Compatible with the FREE Lightroom Mobile App! You don’t need to subscribe to Lightroom or even download the Lightroom desktop. All you need is the FREE Lightroom mobile app! No experience is needed.

il_794xN.3535915574_sfai-640x1024 15 Black and White Lightroom Presets Mobile & Desktop Free

✔ Step by Step Video Tutorial. Our easy-to-follow video tutorial will walk you through, step by step, how to download the presets, how to import them into the free Lightroom mobile app, and how to apply them to your photos!

✔ Save time. Easily install the preferred Lightroom preset on your mobile device and edit your image within seconds in the Lightroom app.

– Please Note

All of the Black & White Lightroom presets have been tested on different images and they are compatible with a variety of images. In most cases it works just with one click, but please remember that all presets are meant to be a base to work off and they look different on every image just because every image differs with lights, dominant colors, photo style, and so on. That is why it is normal to make some adjustments after applying a preset. It may happen that you will need to play around and edit a little after the preset is applied. In most cases, all you need to do is adjust the exposure.

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